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Testimonials: Testimonials

I was very unhealthy in late September 2020. I was at risk with my heart and sugar levels. I was 280 pounds.

In early December I heard the call to “Better Health”. I made a life commitment to get healthy and feel better. I decided to begin with Coach Brandon Boyts and change my life.

I learned four valuable steps in my journey from Coach Boyts:

1. What you eat is most important

2. Good Sleep is key

3. Stretching is more important than weight lifting

4. Proper exercise programs were custom fitted to my needs

Each week my Coach reevaluated my progress and designed a great guideline for me to follow. This has been a “Life Changing” decision. Coach Boyts has helped me stay on task each week.

I am pleased to say that his courses, plans and direction has helped me accomplish the following:

1. I now weigh in at 205 pounds

2. My sugar balance is normal and healthy

3. My hearth actually got better, thus my doctors lowered my blood pressure medicines.

4. Both my blood pressure and heart rate are the Best of My Life.

Going with Coach Brandon Boyts of Boyts Fitness and Nutrition is the Best decision of my life for my Health and Well-being. Don’ Wait!


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